Technical Action Group’s founder, Joe Stoll, began his career as an independent technical support consultant in 1999. During his years as a consultant, Joe discovered that many small and medium-sized businesses were dissatisfied with the support services available in the marketplace. These businesses relied heavily on their technology to conduct their day to day operations, but were often frustrated with the unreliability of their technical infrastructure or the lack of understanding demonstrated by their support provider surrounding their unique business requirements.

In response to the growing need for competent support in the marketplace, Joe launched Technical Action Group in 2003. His new business focused on simplifying technology and operations for businesses, turning their technology into a powerful tool to increase these business’ profitability, productivity and efficiency.

Instead of simply fixing client issues, Joe worked with a vision for the long-term stability of their network. If a hardware or software replacement was necessary to correct a problem, he encouraged the client to invest in long-term solutions instead of quick fixes. He also began offering managed IT services, to monitor client networks and perform regular maintenance services. These proactive steps helped to catch issues early or prevented many problems entirely.

Technical Action Group became known for helping clients to:

  • Maximize their technology investment
  • Remove the burden of managing their day to day technology environment
  • Keep their valuable data and networks secure from cyberthreats
  • Refocus their energy on their core business, instead of worrying about their technology

In recent years Technical Action Group has expanded their focus to helping businesses leverage their technology to improve efficiency and increase their profit margin. With the introduction of CIO services, Technical Action Group has added strategic principles into their approach. Through technology roadmaps, strategic planning, and regularly scheduled IT reviews with clients’ senior management teams, Technical Action Group show business owners and management how to use their technology to get a leg up on competitors, continue to grow their business, and truly thrive in their industry.