Document Management in the Cloud

Endless Storage For Your Business Critical Documents.  Access Them From Anywhere, Anytime.


Be honest: how much time is wasted in your office because people are duplicating efforts, can’t find information and documents they need or backtracking to FIX mistakes made? This, like time wasted on old PCs and downtime, may be hard to calculate, but a conservative guess would be that folks are wasting at least 30 minutes a day or MORE because of disorganization.

If you’re a document-rich company and know you would benefit from a solid document management system, but don’t want to make the capital investment in the hardware and software needed to support either a robust document management system, or invest in large capacity network file storage to keep the documents yourself, then Cloud is the answer:

Hosted SharePoint

SharePoint is a collaboration tool from Microsoft that provides essentially a database “sandbox” that is a rapid deployment environment where a developer can very quickly create an intranet site around common themes or topics relevant to your business. The power of this database driven tool is its ability to store, sort, search and filter your company information and documents by customizable tags (or labels / categories).

With hosted SharePoint, everything you put on SharePoint is accessible through your internet browser from any location in or outside the office. Best of all, you don’t need to invest in expensive servers to accommodate the contents of your SharePoint.

Contact us to learn how SharePoint can skyrocket your company’s productivity without costing you a bundle.

Hosted Network Drives

If you’re a company that has tons of large documents (i.e. single documents over 10MB) that need to be easily accessible by staff from multiple locations from within the office network or externally, Cloud-based network drives is the answer.

By hosting a network drive outside of your network drive, you avoid expensive investments in storage equipment and backing up such a large of amount of data.