MAC & PC Support

More and more businesses are becoming blended families of PC and MAC.  TAG has invested in the monitoring and support tools, and professional expertise required to seamlessly support both operating systems.


We Support MAC and PC

As MAC increasingly becomes the operating system of choice for many individuals in business, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in mixed use business environments, where users rely on both PCs and MACs. MAC, it seems, isn’t just for those in the graphic design business anymore.

While most IT companies focus exclusively on the needs of PC users and only grudgingly support the MAC OS, at Technical Action Group has taken a different Managed IT Approach. We’ve invested considerable time and resources to acquire the necessary skills to support MAC users.

So whether you work in a mixed environments with some PCs and a few MACS or you work exclusively with MACS, we’re here to support your network.

For the past 5 years we’ve successfully supported many “mixed” and solely MAC environments. We use state of the art, “MAC-centric” remote monitoring and support tools to deliver effective monitoring and remote management that meets the unique requirements of the MAC OS.

So if you’ve been dissatisfied with the support you’ve received from other outsourced IT companies when it comes to your MAC systems, we invite you to step up to the MAC support you deserve.